Services for Business

At Henriques Griffiths, we offer a wide range of services for businesses small, medium and large. Our team of experienced business law solicitors are here to help with all of your legal requirements and to offer advice in what can often be difficult situations. So, whether you’re a small start up seeking advice on setting up or a well-established organisation looking to relocate, you can rely on the expertise of our dedicated team to provide invaluable business support and guidance through the compliance maze.

Why choose Henriques Griffiths’ solicitors for business?

At Henriques Griffiths, we believe that a key component to a successful business is high quality legal advice. That’s why we have pulled together a team of well-renowned business law solicitors to provide our clients with bespoke advice across a wide range of corporate, commercial and employment law issues. We know that no two companies are alike, which is why we place great importance in getting to know your business and gaining an understanding of your objectives before getting to work. That way, you can guarantee a personalised service no matter how complex your issue.

How can our business law solicitors help you?

With a proven track record for helping companies throughout the South West and beyond to achieve their commercial goals, you can rely on Henriques Griffiths for dedicated legal support for the following:

Company & Commercial

Having a great product or service is one thing. It’s only when the right corporate and commercial building blocks are in place that you’ll start to realise your business’ full potential. At Henriques Griffiths, our business law solicitors are committed to helping our commercial clients thrive, grow their profits and expand their customer base.

We achieve this first and foremost by gaining a detailed understanding of your business objectives and requirements: after all, no two companies are the same. From here, we can determine the best strategy for proceeding: one that minimises risk and capitalises on your commercial potential. From mergers and acquisitions to joint ventures and franchising, we put in place the internal and external business terms and arrangements that help organisations succeed.

Commercial Property

For most businesses, property is essential. It defines your market and determines where you will operate from on a daily basis. For landowners, developers and retailers, commercial property is an opportunity. However, without the right legal advice and assistance, an investment may become a burden. Commercial property comes with a range of risks and rewards; and those smart enough to seek specialist advice will succeed.

At Henriques Griffiths, we work each day to help our clients do just that. The vast experience our commercial property solicitors have gained covers a range of premises both industrial and agricultural. As a result, we understand the unique challenges involved with commercial real estate, and can deliver practical, focused advice that’s tailored to your objectives.

Dispute Resolution & Debt Recovery

Henriques Griffiths offers a full range of services in respect of commercial and property disputes, from dealing with breaches of the terms of a commercial lease to contractual disputes.  We can quickly analyse the issues and attempt to reach a resolution to avoid the costly process of court proceedings if possible.  

When a customer fails to pay the money you are owed for the product or service delivered, debt recovery can consume the majority of your time and efforts and often to no avail. In this respect, bad debts are detrimental to the productivity of a business as well as their cash flow. If this sounds familiar, seeking expert advice from a specialist debt recovery solicitor should be your next move.

At Henriques Griffiths, we provide businesses of all sizes and industries with the hands-on support needed to resolve disputes and reach a successful conclusion. When you instruct one of our dedicated and approachable business law solicitors, we will swiftly provide down to earth advice and the options open to you in order to resolve any dispute effectively. If you are a commercial or residential landlord, company or partnership, we have the expertise to deal with any disagreements that arise.