Step by Step Plan for Health and Safety Compliance

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published a ‘step by step plan’ for businesses for protecting the health and safety of workers and others. The key recommended actions are:

1. Register a new business with the appropriate authority (HSE or your local authority);
2. Take out employers’ liability insurance and display the certificate as required by law;
3. Make sure you have someone competent to help you comply with health and safety regulations;
4. Decide on your health and safety policy (how you will manage health and safety issues);
5. Carry out an assessment of risks (potential dangers and appropriate precautions to take) and act on the findings;
6. Provide basic welfare facilities, such as washing and toilet facilities;
7. Provide appropriate health and safety training for employees;
8. Consult with workers on health and safety matters;
9. Display the required health and safety law poster or give workers a leaflet containing the information; and
10. Report as required any work-related accidents, diseases or dangerous incidents.

It is also essential to keep up to date with current health and safety law.

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