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Disagreements in life take many forms. They have their own facts, complexities and the potential to consume your every waking moment. Good legal advice will help you get back on track.

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Our dispute resolution solicitors advise a wide range of clients on issues including property disputes, debt recovery, personal injury claims and inheritance disputes. With decades of experience, we can help resolve most disputes without the need for court action, allowing you to find a solution faster, at lower cost and with less stress.

We understand that each dispute is unique and that your individual circumstances must be taken into account. Our dispute resolution team will listen to your concerns and goals and take a tailored approach to help you achieve the result you need.

Speak to one of our dispute resolution solicitors in Bristol or Winterbourne today by calling 0117 909 4000 or use the links at the bottom of the page to make an enquiry or request a call back.

Our dispute resolution services

Our dispute resolution lawyers work with clients throughout the South West and across the wider UK to find fast, cost-effective legal solutions for a variety of issues.

Dispute resolution

With any type of dispute, getting expertise legal advice early can make it much faster, easier and less costly to find a solution. Our dispute resolution solicitors are experts in alternative dispute resolution, including through negotiation and mediation. This means we can often help resolve your conflicts without the need for court action, helping to keep conflict to a minimum while allowing you to quickly find a solution that works for you.

Property disputes

Disputes over property are often some of the most complicated and contentious, so having access to expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity can make your life much easier. We can unpick all of the key details and help find a solution that works for both parties in most cases, allowing a faster resolution.

Debt recovery

If you are owed money, our debt recovery solicitors can chase the debt for you, securing payment quickly while allowing you to get on with your life. In most cases, we can secure repayment amicably, but where necessary we have a range of legal options to ensure you are not left out of pocket by a bad debt.

Disputed Wills

Inheritance disputes can quickly become highly acrimonious if not handled correctly, becoming an opportunity for people to play out long-held resentments, rather that focusing on the inheritance itself. Our dispute resolution lawyers can help you find a solution that defuses conflict and preserves family relationships wherever possible through negotiation, mediation and other non-confrontational approaches.

Why choose Henriques Griffiths’ dispute resolution solicitors?

Since 1973, Henriques Griffiths has been helping people all over the UK and overseas to resolve a wide range of legal disputes. With a strong track record of success, we have built a reputation for finding fast, cost-effective solutions that protect our clients’ interests using a variety of options tailored to your unique circumstances.

Wherever possible, we will seek to find a solution through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, allowing you to achieve a fair outcome while keeping conflict to a minimum. However, where court action is the best option, we can provide the skilled advocacy you need to ensure your interests are effectively represented, giving you the best chance of a positive result.

We are Lexcel accredited by the Law Society for our strong practice management and client care and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) so you can have confidence that we meet the highest legal and professional standards at all times.

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