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Business disputes can be avoided, managed and worked out without it taking forever or costing the earth. We know; we help clients do this quickly and cost-effectively every day.

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Our business dispute resolution and debt recovery team works with local, national and international clients on a wide range of issues, including professional negligence, contract disputes, recovering late payments and more. Our practical, commercially-minded approach means we are able to find solutions that match your business objectives while protecting your reputation and commercial relationships.

Thanks to our decades of experience and skilled advocacy, we are able to resolve most legal disputes our business clients face without resorting to court action, using negotiation, mediation and other non-confrontational methods. However, where stronger action is required, we have the expertise you need to make sure your interests are effectively represented in court to achieve a fair outcome.

Speak to one of our dispute resolution and debt recovery solicitors in Bristol or Winterbourne today by calling 0117 909 4000 or use the links at the bottom of the page to make an enquiry or request a call back.

Our dispute resolution & debt recovery services

Our dispute resolution lawyers work with business and organisations of all sizes across a variety of sectors to find fast, cost-effective legal solutions for all types of commercial conflicts.

Dispute resolution

Having represented business all over England and Wales in all types of business disputes, we know that court action is not always the best solution. In many cases, it is in your interests to find a solution through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other non-confrontational methods as this can be faster, less expensive and allow you to keep the matter private while also preserving important business relationships.

However, where court proceedings are the best approach, we can offer the skilled advocacy you need to make sure your interests are effectively represented and you have the best chance of a fair outcome.

Debt recovery

When your business is owed money, it can have serious consequences, including impacting your cash flow and ability to meet your own financial commitments. Our experienced business debt recovery solicitors can help you quickly recover outstanding payments, unlocking essential funds and freeing you up to focus on running your business.

Professional negligence

If your business has been let down by a professional, such as an accountant, architect or lawyer, it can have a major impact on your profits and reputation. We can help you pursue a professional negligence claim, allowing you to mitigate any financial consequences and ensure your reputation is defended.

Park Homes litigation

We have particular expertise in Park Homes disputes, including issues such as pitch fee disputes, conflicts over site rules, applications to terminate Mobile Home Act Written Agreements and more. While we will try to resolve disputes through negotiation wherever possible, we have extensive experience both in First Tier Tribunal and County Court cases, giving us the expertise you need to find a positive solution by the best available route whatever the circumstances.

Commercial contract disputes

Contracts are at the heart of any business, whether with employees, business partners, customers or suppliers, the success or failure of your venture will often depend on well-written, enforceable contracts. If you are in dispute over a contract, our business dispute resolution lawyers can assess your situation and advise you on your best options to resolve the situation quickly and cost-effectively.

Restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants are often essential for protecting your business, including your client list and other key commercial assets. If you believe a former employee or business partner is in breach of a restrictive covenant, we can help you take action to enforce the covenant and seek damages for any financial harm your business has suffered.

Why choose Henriques Griffiths’ debt recovery & dispute resolution solicitors?

Henriques Griffiths has been relied on by clients across the UK and overseas since 1973 for our pragmatic, commercially-minded approach to business debt recovery and dispute resolution. Combining our exceptional legal expertise with the latest technology, we offer a truly modern legal service to match your needs.

We understand the importance of protecting your reputation and key business relationships while allowing you to recover debts and resolve disputes in a way that works for your organisation. Our solicitors will tailor our approach to your priorities, ensuring you get the outcome you need while keeping conflict to a minimum.

Henriques Griffiths has been awarded the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation for the high quality of our practice management and client care. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) providing assurance that our work meets the highest legal and professional standards.

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