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Sadly, family life isn’t always smooth sailing. When emotions run high, it’s easy for disagreements to evolve into bitterly fought disputes. If legal advice is not sought early enough, families can find themselves locked in a costly courtroom conflict with their partner attempting to reach a fair outcome.


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At Henriques Griffiths, our aim is to relieve you of the stress that family troubles can cause. With a sensitive but determined approach, our family law solicitors will fight for a fair and comfortable future for your family.

Our family law solicitors work carefully and sensibly through complex issues including:

Our team is accredited by the Law Society for Family Law & Children Law in recognition of our expertise in these complex areas.

We offer Fixed Fees for many of our family services, giving you clarity over the costs involved.

What it’s like to work with our family lawyers?

You will find that we take time to explain your position clearly, rather than drowning you in complicated legal jargon.

Where possible, we will aim to achieve the right result through alternative dispute resolution. This may involve constructive mediation sessions, allowing you and your partner to reach an agreement amicably and cost-effectively.

However, above all, our priority is to secure a positive outcome that meets your needs. No matter how complex your circumstances, we’ll fight hard to promote your rights and make sure the correct decisions are taken.

Speak to our family law solicitors in Bristol

Speak to one of our family law solicitors now by contacting your local Henriques Griffiths office in Bristol or Winterbourne, or you can use our simple enquiry form to ask a question or request a call back.

How our family law solicitors in Bristol can help you


Where children are concerned, you can rely on Henriques Griffiths Solicitors to prioritise their needs, no matter how complex the circumstances.

We can assist with all of the issues that may follow a separation, including issues about contact (spend time with), residence (live with), jurisdictional matters and parental responsibility.

Our childcare lawyers also have expertise in working with families where children have been taken into care or social services are assessing a family.

With a strong reputation for fighting for our clients and achieving positive results, you can trust us to guide you through this difficult time with realistic, focused advice.

See our childcare legal services.


Separating from your partner is never easy – whether you’ve been married for five years or fifty. At Henriques Griffiths, our family law solicitors are committed to keeping the stress and time involved in your divorce to a minimum.

Our family lawyers in Bristol can help with every aspect of divorce, including starting and responding to divorce proceedings, achieving a financial separation and making arrangements for children.

By employing techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution, we are able to help separating couples to reach an agreement in a calm environment outside of court, saving a great deal of time and costs. Whether it’s through referral to constructive mediation sessions or a collaborative approach, or from taking more firm legal action, our solicitors will always ensure that the outcome we secure satisfies your needs.

See our divorce legal services.

International divorce proceedings

Divorce laws vary massively from country to country, so where you or your spouse start divorce proceedings can make a big difference to the outcome, including any financial settlement you receive.

You do not necessarily need to get divorced in the country where you got married or have been most recently living, so if you are considering divorce proceedings, our international divorce lawyers can advise you on the best options for your interests.

We can guide you through the whole process of issuing and responding to divorce proceedings, either in the UK or in another country. Where required, we can put you in touch with trusted local divorce lawyers in other jurisdictions to make sure you have the very best advice and representation for every stage of your divorce.

See our international divorce legal services.


Watching a family member lose mental capacity is extremely challenging and can cause a great deal of stress when issues surrounding their welfare and financial assets arise. If this sounds familiar, we advise reaching out to a qualified family law solicitor to determine the best approach in protecting their interests.

Our team are dedicated to helping families get the right arrangements in place before a problem arises. Should you wish to apply to the Court of Protection or appoint a Lasting Power of Attorney, you can rely on our team to act with sensitivity and determination to achieve the right solution.

See our incapacity legal services.

Adoption & Special Guardianship

We can assist families with all aspects of adoption law, including adopting as a stepparent, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our family lawyers can also assist with becoming a child’s special guardian where the child’s parents are unable or have been deemed unfit to care for them.

See our adoption and special guardianship legal services.

Domestic abuse

In situations of domestic abuse, it is critical to get effective legal support as soon as possible. Our team knows how difficult these situations can be, so we offer sensitive, clear advice and support to help you take immediate and robust action to protect yourself and your loved ones.

See our domestic abuse legal services.

How we remove conflict from family law

We understand how emotionally challenging it can be when a relationship breaks down, and how difficult it can be to make those tough decisions alone. That’s why we dedicate our time to helping families through negotiation towards resolution with minimal time and costs.

We can assist with methods of alternative dispute resolution that may be appropriate, depending on your circumstances – family mediation. 

Family mediation

This is the most common way of dealing with disputes around divorce and separation. It involves both parties meeting with a trained mediator over a series of sessions to discuss any points of conflict and agree how they should be resolved. The mediator acts as a neutral third party to defuse potential conflict and advise on points of law, with all decisions remaining in your hands.

Mediation is typically much faster and less costly than court proceedings, as well as keeping conflict to a minimum. You will normally need to show you have at least considered mediation before you will be allowed to take a divorce to court.

Our family law fees

Fixed fees family law services

In most family law cases we will try to agree with you a fixed fee for the legal work involved. So, whether you instruct our family solicitors for your divorce, your children, or a mentally incapacitated family member, you will know from the outset how much it will cost from beginning to end. And you’ll know exactly what work we’ll do in return.

See our fixed fee family law services.

Pay-as-you-go family law advice

Where a fixed fee is not possible, we will work according to an agreed hourly rate on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, where you are billed for the exact amount of time needed to deal with your legal needs. This means we can provide exactly as much support as you need at a fair rate.

Why choose Henriques Griffiths for family law?

Since 1973, our family law solicitors have built a reputation for delivering an exceptional service that families can rely on.

Our family lawyers are accredited by the Law Society for Family Law & Children Law. This recognises that our team meets the quality standard required to offer reliable, effective legal advice and representation in these areas.

Several of our family law solicitors are members of Resolution, a network of legal professionals who promote methods of non-combative Alternative Dispute Resolution. This reflects our commitment to removing conflict from family law.

With a wide range of strong legal expertise across our firm, we can also assist with matters often connected to family law matters, such as buying and selling property and updating your Will.

Henriques Griffiths is Lexcel accredited by the Law Society for our practice management and client care.

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), providing assurance that we continually meet the highest legal and professional standards.

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Speak to one of our family law solicitors now by contacting your local Henriques Griffiths office in Bristol or Winterbourne, or you can use our simple enquiry form to ask a question or request a call back.