Hands, Fingers


Minor injuries (£800 - £3,800) includes soft tissue damage, lacerations and crush injuries, from which a recovery is made within six months. Moderate injuries (£5,000 - £11,500) includes soft tissue damage, lacerations and crush injuries resulting in permanent disability even after surgery. Non-intrusive disabilities will be awarded compensation at the lower end of the bracket. Less serious injuries (£12,600 - £25,400) such as a severe crush injury, that significantly impacts hand function. Serious hand injuries (£25,400 - £54,200) that roughly half usual hand function and cause significant cosmetic disfigurement. Includes cases where a number of fingers have been fully amputated or reattached. Total or effective loss of one hand (£84,300 - £96,000) compensation will be awarded when the whole hand or all fingers and most of the palm have been amputated, more so if the lost hand was the dominant one. Serious damage to both hands (£49,000 - £74,000) will result in significant loss of function and cosmetic damage. Total or effective loss of both hands (£123,300 - £176,500) where the hands are fully amputated or almost all function is lost. More compensation will be awarded where the use of a prosthesis will not be possible.


Minor finger injuries (up to £4,000) a recovery is expected and the amount of compensation awarded depends upon the amount of time this takes. Serious injury or loss of ring, middle or little finger (£3,400 - £14,300) include partial loss or amputation. Where multiple digits are effected the overall extent of disability and pain should be considered. Amputation of the ring and little fingers (in the region of £19,000). Fracture of the index finger (£7,900 - £10,700) can heal but there are ongoing symptoms such as a reduced grip and some pain. There is also an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis in the future. Severe fractures to fingers (up to £32,000) may lead onto partial amputations or cause deformity, reduced function and effect sensation. Partial or total loss of index finger (£10,500 - £16,500) which results in weakened grip and dexterity as well as cosmetic disfigurement. Partial amputation of index and middle fingers (in the region of £22,000) which will result in scarring, restricted movement and weakened grip and handling. Amputation of index and other fingers (£54,200 - £79,500). Amputation of the index, middle and / or ring fingers will severely affect grip, leaving the hand virtually useless.


Trivial thumb injuries (up to £2,000) will be painful for a short period of time but a full recovery should be made within a few months.  Minor injuries to the thumb (up to £3,500) such as a fracture, where a full recovery is expected within six months but some stiffness and discomfort may remain. Severe dislocation of the thumb (£3,400 - £5,900). Moderate thumb injuries (£8,400 - £11,000) such as damage to the tendons, nerves or joint that can result in loss of use and sensation. These injuries may also cause some cosmetic deformity. Serious thumb injuries (£11,000 - £14,600) includes amputation of the tip, nerve damage or a fracture which may require surgery to insert wires. This can lead to ultra-sensitivity, loss of dexterity and weakened grip. Very serious thumb injuries (£17,000 - £30,700) includes where the thumb has been amputated at the joint or completely severed and reattached but is unusable. Loss of the thumb (£31,000 - £48,000).

Vibration White Finger and / or Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Minor (£2,500 - £7,500) only effects a few fingers occasionally and has a minor impact on daily life. Moderate (£7,500 - £14,500) attacks are weather dependant and have slightly effected work life. Serious (£14,500 - £27,700) attacks are not weather dependant and have a marked impact on daily life and employment. Most serious (£27,700 - £33,700) persisting symptoms on both sides of the body, having a significant impact on daily life and employment.

Work-related Upper Limb Disorders (including Tenosynovitis, Carpal Tunnel and Epicondylitis)

Minor (£1,900 - £3,000) complete recovery is expected within a few weeks or months. Moderate (£7,500 - £9,400) complete recovery is expected within a few years. Serious (£13,000 - £14,300) fluctuating but continuous symptoms. Most serious (19,200 - £20,200) continuous symptoms requiring surgery and resulting in loss of employment

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