Professional Negligence

When a professional advisor gets something wrong, the effects could hit your business hard. Solicitors, architects, financial advisors make mistakes. And when that happens, it’s important to know that you may be able to do something about it.

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We have advised all sorts of businesses on rectifying the financial and practical costs of professional negligence. This means working through the problems that have been caused by poor advice, missed deadlines or lack of professional care and helping put them right. Where there has been quantifiable damage to your business, we may be able to recover compensation through court action or through alternative dispute resolution methods like negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

It’s important to remember that professionals are insured. If you have lost out in some way because of negligent advice then, regardless of any long-standing good relationship you have with your advisor, you should look into making a claim. We’ll advise you at the outset on your prospects of winning, helping you assess your loss and the extent to which this was caused by the professional service you were given. Armed with your options, you will be able to decide what to do – and if that means pursuing a claim, we’ll be alongside you with our many years’ experience.